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Ara: named species Ardea goliath Ascari monument asthma patient
Arabic architecture (top, 1st) Ardea melanocephala (5th) Ascaris astrologer
Arabic cuisine areca nut Asclepias species Atlantis submarine
Arabic writing arepas Aseki tribe aubergine
Arabs Arixenia esau aseptic laboratory (4th) Australia nut
arachnida armadillo ash tree autoharp
aram Armalite rifle Ashanti tribe automotive engineering
Aratinga species arms manufacturing ashfalt production autumn / fall (top, 3rd)
Arawak Indian art Asian elephant Aveloz
Arbor-Vitae art deco Asiatic lion avocado tree
archaeology art gallery Asphodelus Avu plant
archbishop artichoke ASRY shipyard Awash National Park
architecture artifacts Assad, late President axe man
architecture, American artimisia assault course Azanza garckeana
architecture, European artisan assault rifle Aztec 
Ardea cinerea artist (top, 2nd)  


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