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Did - Dra  

D - Dic

Dre - Dyo

Didinger distillation dog DPT vaccination
didgeridoo dive boat, dive master dollmaker dragnet
Dilmun period dive suit dolphin dragon (top, 5th)
Diestrammena divemaster Dok dragon boat racing (1st)
dinghy Divi-divi tree Dombeya dragon fruit
Dinka tribe diviner (top, 2nd) dome dragon mask
dinner dance diving Dome of the Rock dragon tree
dinosaur footprints Diwali domestic work dragonfly
Diomedea irrorata djellaba dominoes drains
dipping (livestock) djembe donkey drama
dipterocarp forest Dobera bush donkkasseu draughts
dirt dock doorman Dravidian architecture
disability dockers double bass drawing
disabled athletes dockside doughnut drawing water
disease prevention doctor (top, 3rd) doum palm (top, 4th)
dispensary doenjang downy mildew
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