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Higher - Hyu      

 H - High

highway homestay Houdini
hijab honey tree house hungry
hiking (top, 2nd) hoopoe house extension hurricane
hiking trail hoopla house flies husks
Himba tribe Horemheb's Tomb houseboat (top, 4th) hut
Hinduism horn housing (top, 5th) Hvolris
hippo path hornbill: named species housing, circular Hyacinth macaw
Hippocratic oath horse housing estate hybrid tea rose
hippopotamus horse cart howdah (houdah)

hydrocarbons extraction

historical site horse charge howler monkey hydroelectric dam
HIV screening horse drawn carriage HSBC Tower  hydro electric power
HIV-Aids benefit concert horse racing Huaorani  tribe / HEP / hydropower
hobbling horse riding Huer (Huer's hut) hyena
holiday home horticulture (top, 1st) Huli tribe hygiene
holly oak hospital (top, 3rd) human hair wig hymns
holy flame hospital radio Humboldt penguin Hypericum
holy stick tree Hosta humid Andean forest Hyphaene: species
homeless hot spring hummingbird Hyundai
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