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Li - Lyc    

L - Leu

liana Lippia javanica lobster loofah
liberation theology liquid natural gas terminal locust loom
Libius dubius litter / garbage (top, 2nd) log bridge Loranthus oleifolius
library litter pickers log carrier loro
lichen little egret log house (top, 1st) lory species
lifeboat Liver Birds logger lorry / truck (top, 4th)
life jacket livestock (top, 5th) Loggerhead turtle Lotud Dusun tribe
lighthouse livestock injuries logging camp Loxodonta africana
lightning livestock market logs ludo (game)
Lilium martagon living room loincloth Luhya
Limbai Livingstone's house Lonchocarpus nelsii lunch
limbo lizard species (top, 3rd) long horn Lundayeh
limestone pinnacle llama long boat Luo tribe
Lion Rock Llanaro long house lute
Lippo Centre Llanos long pipe Lutheran
lionfish loaf, loaves long tailed African darter luxury apratments
lions, lions cubs Lobelia: named species long tailed speedboat Lycium shawii
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