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Oral - Oys      

 O - Opu

oral drench (cattle) orientation and mobility Osudokus tribe Owambo tribe
oral rehydration oriental grunt fish Osyris lanceolata owl species (top, 3rd)
Orang Asli tribe ornamental gardens (2nd) Otharia flavescens ox cart
orangutan / orang utan ornamental plants Otovalenan Indian ox plough (plow) (top, 1st)
oranges ornaments oud (Arabic lute) ox, oxen
orange caviar (top, 4th) orphanage, orphans Our Lady of Piedade Oxfam projects (top, 5th)
orange grove Ortega, Daniel outboard canoe oxpecker bird
orchards Orthodox Jews outboard motor boat oxygen production
orchids orthopaedic ward outcrop oxytocin steroid
Orchis: named species Oryx, gazella outpatients Oyilattam harvest dance
organ pipe coral osprey on nest outrigger canoe oyster, thorny
ore osteo-arthritis ovens oyster beds
ore, copper and gold ostrich ovens, energy saving  
organic produce ostrich shell overgrazing  
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