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Sin - Sor

 S - Sav

 Saw - Sev

 Sew - Sim


 Sou - Sta

 Std - Suck

  Sucr - Syr

singeing machine
singing slash and burn snake: named species Solanum: named species
single track railway slate snorkel solar cell array
Singleton Tagaruze band slide snow solar panel
singsing slum snow hole solar panel canopy
sinking wood slum dwelling snowstorm solar piano
sisal slum school soapstone solar still
Sitka spruce smetana social forestry soldiers
skateboarding smiles, smiling social project school soldierfish
skewer Smithills Hall soda Somali pigeons
skiing smog soft drinks Somba
skillet smoke software developer Song Myo day
skinning smoke house (fish) sogo (handle drums) sores (livestock)
skins smoking (food) soil conservation sorghum
sky / skies smoking (tobacco) soil erosion sorghum beer
sky train smut (fungus) soil stabilisation sorting beans
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