Photos of Brazil: people, Rio Negro and Amazon, rainforest, waterfalls, dam, cattle ... 

Carnival queen, Sao Paulo fans, manioc grinding, grandmother, children, teens, Native American girl


Dried flowers, Belem; Rio Negro; Dardanelles waterfall; Iguacu Falls, Itaipu HEP Dam; steam train

Rainforest: floor, middle canopy, Belem; Amazonas, stilt housing, R.Negro; deforestation; cattle ranch

Cooking manioc; tucupi preserve; fish stew & rice; happy children, Salvador; settler family in Rondonia

Model released images: young woman depressed, relaxing, gazing at camera, in water, on beach

Bom Futuro tin mine, Rio Negro , Carnival Queen, Manaus, Amazon. Girl with earrings. Safari sunset.
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