Photos of Sierra Leone: Cotton Tree, Freetown, Mende, Bo, Moa, Tiwai, Tabe, Marampa

Mt Bintumani, Cotton Tree, Freetown, working, mangroves, pounding, red chillis, diamond panning

Mende tribe, working, hunting tools from tribe, Mende village, mother and child, hairstyle, jewellery 

Nengbema Health Centre, family, Bo, Lebanese shops, young people and baby, cooking with pot

Bauxite ore, major export, River Tabe, Marampa mine, iron ore, Little Scarcies river, handmade tools

Mende housing, Karonko house, Loma Mtns., hoeing, rice farming, British Council building, Freetown

Vegetable stall, Bo, market, Freetown, spinning thread, Moa river, Tiwai island, bullock cart with men

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