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almond blossom amber Andes mountains antibiotic (top, 5th)
almond tree ambulance Anga tribe antihelminthic
almonds Amblyrynchus cristatus angel fish antiques market
Aloe: named species Americana Anglican Church apartment
Aloe transvaalense Amharic language anhinga bird (top, 3rd) ape, great apes
Alopochen aegyptiacus amphibia animal cruelty Apostolic Church (top, 4th)
alpaca amphitheatre animal hospital apparatus
alpines amplifier animist religion apples
Alps amputee anklet appropriate technology
altar Anaconda snake Annaberg Ruins apricot trees
Al-Thani, Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa ancient site antelope: named species Aptenodytes species
altiplano ancestor worship ante-natal (top, 1st) aqal
aluminium ancestral spirits Antheropoides aquaculture
Amanita muscaria (2nd) Andean condor Anthurium  Aquilegia
Amazon forest Andean Laurel anti-flash mask

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