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"It was good to meet you  last week and I thank you for my password and access to your most excellent  pictures!
My very best  wishes"
Janet Tomlinson
Associate Picture Editor
Associated Newspapers Limited.
    "Wow, how quick was that."
      Deborah Hughes
      Picture Research Manager
      Macmillan Publishers 
"I've liaised with Tropix a couple of times and the supplier is very honest about the location and source of their images. Unlike a few of those picture suppliers out there who are very vague about the source & location of their images, these are the few black sheep that taint the image of the picture industry. Tropix is very professional about this so there's nothing to worry."
Joshua Ang, Assistant Picture Researcher,
Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd (email to editor copied to Tropix, 2006)

Kay Rowley, Kay Pix 

"Hi Veronica,
As you managed to come up with some good photos for this title so quickly last week, 
would you be able to help out with this one? many thanks,"
Pen and Ink Books

"Hi Veronica,
This picture is exactly what we are after. Hooray. Please could you send a high res. version.
Many Thanks"
Thomas Dartnall
Macmillan Education
"Hey there Veronica,
To begin with, thank you sooo much for all your help!  Well, our client will be purchasing the picture themselves, so i've forwarded all the info across to them. i was jus doing a little spadework for them.
 But just wanted to say thanks, and that I'm very impressed with the strengh and promptness of customer service at your end..!...And that consequently,  i've added you to my list of potential suppliers..!  Good Job. Trace."
 tracie susan, strategist. praxis advertising
"Thank you for your wonderful service... I must say we're fortunate to have Tropix Photo Library supply us with images as you really know the needs of the people who work in the editorial publishing industry."
Joshua Ang, Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd

"Thanks so much for sending those pictures. I will be showing them at my meeting on Thursday and will get back to you later if any are chosen. I really appreciate your prompt help and service for this urgent request. I especially like the picture showing the storm brewing."
Yours Nicole Kaczynski Penguin Books.

"Thank you very much for all your help ... I was very impressed with the quality of the service you offer, as well as your enthusiasm."

 Kelly Cattermole, Summersdale Publishers Ltd.

"Because I got a very good selection about Galapagos from your  agency I thought it might be worth to try it with this request too. Carola"
" We all agree ... that your photos are the most likely candidates to end up in the brochure. Their quality far surpasses the photos that the client is able to supply ... the photos you selected for me are very good! ... As I said, I think these shots really hit the mark. Thank you. Ed"
Ed Schmidt. ThienSchmidt Advertising & Design

"Sound as if your moving onwards and upwards with the library - 
great service and lovely to work with. Best wishes, Jen"
Jennifer Proverbs. Desk Editor, David and Charles.

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