Discover Bahrain in the Gulf, including Manama city  

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A'ali village

Craft Centre / Craft Center

Manama (top L, C, R)

Abu bar al Sadiq mosque

Diplomat Centre

Marks and Spencer


Diplomatic Quarter

Ministry of Oil and Industry 

Al Faith mosque

Exhibitions Avenue

Muharraq Island / Mubarrak Is

Al Fatel Highway

GICC steelyard (top, 4th)

National Museum

Al Khaleejia Gold Shop

Government Building

Oil Museum

Arabian Gulf University

Hall of Graves

Pearl Museum

Arad Fort

Hidd Port reclamation area

Petroleum Refinery

Art Centre

Holiday Inn Hotel

Portuguese Fort



Ras al Rumman Mosque (2nd)

ASRY shipyard

International Exhibition Centre

Seef Mall

Bahrain Fort

Isa bin Sulman causeway 

United Nations Building

Bahrain Islamic Bank

Isa Town


BAPCO refinery

King Fahd causeway


British Home Stores



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