Explore Benin, West Africa: trade & farming, culture & society, voodoo shrines ...

Benin: Kids, Cove, Peuhl elder, irrigation, discussion, Zou, Dantokpa market, Cotonou, Somba house

Water warning, woman at well, Blehouan-Sota, pump, rice farm, Koutagou, oil palm fruit, Porto-Nevo

Benin, West Africa: schoolboys, food, Ouissi, Dantokpa Market, stalls, vendor, trade; Central Mosque

Cove, Zou Province, Borghou East, Voodoo shrines (Vodun), Abomey, animist religion, Tatasomba

Benin: Peulh tribe girl, underplanting, swamp basin (bas fonds), Tassayota village, NGO aid worker

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