Photos of Somalia, north east Africa: Landscape, cattle, people, livestock, Gahan, Mendishi

Gahan escarpment, Gulf of Aden, cattle, Gebdeleh, Mendishi, local pottery, Bulhar, women chatting 

Women: Basket weaving, carrying firewood, washing baby, smiling girl, at blackboard, butchers, smart

Bixin Duule refugee camp: aid, relief, malnutrition, marasmus, dehydration, feeding and migration. 

Livestock and animals: Land tortoise, Somali pigeons,  camel train. Youth: with policeman, labour. 

Land: deforestation with well, farming maize, Shebelle River. People: Market, waiting at Health Centre

Northern Somalia: Erigavo, agriculture, Berbera Beach, Mendishi, Gedebleh, boy under giant fig tree

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