Photos of Tunisia, North Africa: mosques, medina, desert, dust storms, Carthage, the Romans 

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Republic of Tunisia, North Africa  

Avlu Mosque

Ez-Zitouna (grand Mosque)

Sidi Bou Said (top L)

Bab Bhar (Porte de France)

Government offices

Souk harbour (top L, R)

Bardo Museum

Hotel Abou Nawas (lower L)


Byrsa hill

Matmata (top R, lower L)

Tunis city (bottom L, C)

Carthage Mueum

Place de Gouvernment 

Tunis medina (old city) (lwr R)

Djerba (top L, R, lower R)

Roman amphitheatre


Douz (top C)

Sahara Desert

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